The port of Cannes embarks on a large-scale renovation project

Oct. 2018
Port of Cannes
The port of Cannes embarks on a large-scale renovation project

Work to renovate and reinforce the Laubeuf and du Large seawalls began in early October in the port of Cannes. 


The work has been split into phases so as to limit the impact on the local economy and tourism. Consequently, it will be carried out from October to April for three consecutive years, 2018 to 2021.


Why has this project been undertaken?


The Laubeuf and du Large seawalls sustain considerable damage due to wave surges from the south and south-east. This damage is amplified as the constructions become weaker over time, thereby compromising the safety of the area around the port.


The main objective of this renovation work is to provide people and infrastructure with long-term protection against severe wave action, in harmony with the environment.


As well as being higher and broader, the renovated seawalls will be redesigned to include a promenade, offering walkers one of the most breath-taking panoramic views of the city of Cannes. 


The Cannes port seawall repair and renovation project is run by a consortium of contractors.


This major repair work is estimated to require an investment of €25.7M, €9.6M of which will be provided by Cannes city council and €0.6K by the CACPL local authority; more than €15.5M are to be invested by the Nice Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Work schedule


The Laubeuf and du Large seawalls protect the old port of Cannes. The construction comprises several sections: the riprap Laubeuf seawall and its car park, the du Large seawall, the helipad and the pier head with its lighthouse.


The renovation work will be of an exceptionally large scale. It aims to reinforce the various sections of the seawall, and to this end, the natural riprap will be replaced by a protective shell made up of accropode blocks. A wave-return wall will also be constructed, to prevent future flooding of the car park and port infrastructure.


A panoramic promenade along the protective wall


The wave-return wall will be designed to incorporate a promenade open to the general public and accessible to people with reduced mobility. This new 360° promenade, over 400 metres long, will connect that of the quai Saint-Pierre to the facilities in the newly designed BoccaCabana district.


It will offer strollers a beautiful view of the bay of Cannes, from the Lérins islands to the Estérel. An elegant new addition to the landscape, it will enhance the beauty of the site and help improve quality of life for locals.


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M. Stéphane Attali


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