Green cruises: full steam ahead!

Jul. 2019
Port of Cannes
Green cruises: full steam ahead!

Pleasure boating, yachting, careening, coastal sailing, event areas and more... Everyone knows that the Port of Cannes harbours a broad range of activities, making it so rich and complex. One of these activities - Cruises - is currently experiencing an international boom. And Cannes is at the forefront of this upturn, with 420,000 passengers expected in 2019 and 56.5 million euros in economic benefits per year for the city... Business has been enjoying two-figure growth since 2017.

Why? It’s mainly down to two reasons:

  • The attractiveness of the city itself. All customer surveys back up this observation. Cannes is a strategic destination that enables professionals to market their offer.

  • The high level of expertise of the port and its teams when it comes to managing those famous security zones known as ISPS, similar to those found in airports, and which are absolutely essential for all cruise activities. This is a highly competitive advantage for the port, which is thus able to offer companies better management of passenger flows, resulting in precious time saving.

But we need to be careful. In order to preserve and develop the undeniable appeal of the city of Cannes, it is essential that all the activities taking place around the port adopt a sustainable development approach, ensuring their environmental impact remains as low as possible.

The port is fully and naturally committed to this approach alongside the city council, and has already obtained ISO 14001 certification and the “Clean Ports” label.

In a further illustration of this approach, on 25 July, driven by Cannes city council, an environmental charter will be signed by the council, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the world’s major cruise lines, which have a strong presence in Cannes. The goal is to set out a framework with environmental obligations that go beyond current regulations, turning “Green Cruises” into a reality in Cannes!



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