Distress rockets: hazard warning!

Jul. 2020
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Distress rockets: hazard warning!


It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes the situation calls for special measures: please take note of this warning concerning the recycling of distress rockets. We’re not talking about recycling in the environmental sense - the issue at stake here is the health of the people in charge of waste treatment, who are being put at risk by certain practices.


Rockets are pyrotechnic devices that must be disposed of according to a specific procedure. Numerous collection points are available - please consult the Aper-pyro* website for the full list. We also remind you that ship chandlers are legally required to collect your old rockets when you purchase new ones. So there are solutions available to help users dispose of their devices in the right way. Make the most of them!


A few words from Laurent Culard, director of the company SERAHU, which is in charge of collecting hazardous waste from the boatyard areas: “We regularly find distress rockets in the used packaging containers. Bear in mind that waste treatment involves the use of a grinder before incineration. Since grinders and pyrotechnic devices do not go well together, we’ve had to handle fires and explosions which, even though our operators wear helmets and safety glasses, are very dangerous and can cause significant physical damage.” No further proof needed. Please heed the warning!







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