"Welcome attitude" in the ports of the Riviera Ports

Jul. 2018
Port of Cannes
Port of Golfe-Juan
Port of Antibes - Gallice
Port of Antibes - Vauban
Port of Nice
"Welcome attitude" in the ports of the Riviera Ports

Attractiveness of the offer, innovation and customer service quality - these are the key concepts in ports managed by the Nice Côte d’Azur chamber of commerce and industry.


In the 5 ports of the Riviera Ports network, there is a one-stop "Hospitality desk" to enhance the services on offer and thus improve customer service.



With a Privilege card, a bouquet of services is offered in all the ports in the network:

  • Suggestions for sightseeing outings starting from the port
  • Offers by partner shops around the port
  • 1 cultural and touristic outing in town
  • 1 washing machine and clothes dryer token
  • Loan of electric bicycles
  • Specialised press consultation
  • Provision of trolleys
  • Participative library
  • Port shop
  • Loan of umbrella
  • On-board delivery service


A CLIENT PRIVILEGE card with special offers during the stop-over and throughout the year too, aimed at securing customer loyalty.



The accent is on service through human contact and personalised customer relationships.


With this in mind, this summer in port of Vauban, the "quay-side welcome" has been inaugurated. How it works: port arrivals don't have to go to the harbour master's office, the port staff come to them. This is a key moment to start off the stay under the best conditions. A "welcome bag" containing useful documents, information on the services offered by the port, events programmes, etc. is given to each arrival. This initial contact with the customer is also the opportunity to help formalities go smoothly and simply and to get to know the port teams.

And talking of personalised relationships, within the organisation there are "pontoon cafés", weekly in the Vauban ports and twice-monthly in the Gallice port: coffee and pastries are delivered by a local baker, and you can have friendly chats, talk about your stay in the port and reveal ambassadors for the port.


In the port of Cannes, a two-fold innovation has been introduced with the new boating centre: The centre has the basic toilet facilities but is also connected using technical equipment with an eco-responsible choice of materials.



During the summer, boaters can also explore the port and its history through guided tours by registering at reception.


In the port of Nice, there's an information point that all visitors can use (passengers, boaters, local people, people out walking, port and maritime professionals) which is open the whole season from 1st June till 30th September, 7 days a week from 10am to 8.30pm. 

For ferry passengers, their holidays start the moment they arrive on the quays:  roving entertainments like street theatre, caricaturists, tattoo artists, tasting local and/or summer products, educational colouring books for children, these take place from 1st July to 31st August, together with temporary and themed exhibitions in the terminals. 

There is a "Port of Nice" app available to all customers on Android, IOS, smartphones and tablets.




The port of Golfe-Juan is taking part in operation Pavillon Vert (Green Flag). This operation is to make boaters aware of environmental protection and sustainable development. The operation takes place every year in the ports of Riviera Ports during the summer season. Boaters are persuaded to reduce consumption of water and power, encouraged to use eco-responsible and organic products, to sort waste and to use waste water pumping equipment.

As a thankyou for their participation, a gift bag with samples of organic products and products with low environmental impact, together with sorting bags for onboard waste, is given to them.



A portal for online services


On the Riviera Ports web site, boaters can:


*Services available for customers of the port of Cannes, Golfe-Juan & Nice who have created their Riviera Ports customer account

Log-on access

Creating an account - Registering as a port customer


And finally, boaters can also choose to make reservations by telephone via our reservation centre, open from 7am to 11pm, 7/7, throughout the year on the non-surcharged number 04 93 217 217 or via the application NAVILY – Nice start-up offering a bouquet of many Mediterranean ports.



With this personalised welcome, the Riviera Ports network wants to make sure boaters have a unique and enjoyable stay throughout the summer season.

Mme Florence Lacroix


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