Pleasure boaters, preserve the marine ecosystem when anchoring

Jul. 2020
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Pleasure boaters, preserve the marine ecosystem when anchoring

Andromède Océanologie has launched DONIA, an application for navigating and anchoring that offers pleasure boaters a host of practical functionalities.


This community application aimed at the general public raises awareness about environmental protection by providing extremely accurate maps of the marine ecosystems that allow anchoring outside of seagrass beds and, more specifically, Posidonia, a protected Mediterranean plant species.


Its new cartographic rendering offers users a way of exchanging information about any dangers spotted out at sea (obstacles, accidents, jellyfish, SOS alerts, etc.) as well as details about the nature of the seabed, bathymetry, maritime regulations, satellite images, interesting features, plus many specific sites (diving spots, ports, anchorages, underwater photographs, observations of app users).


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