A serious threat to the future of yachting!

May. 2015
Port of Cannes
Port of Golfe-Juan
Port of Nice
A serious threat to the future of yachting!

As part of the bill on the new territorial organization of the French Republic, the Government has proposed, without any consultation with the parties concerned, to impose a mooring tax on any vessel moored inside a Marine Protected Area: a tax of up to 100 Euros per day for a 5 M motorboat, and 300 Euros for a 15 m yacht. This new tax is such that no boat user will take the risk (fiscal) to anchor in these zones.

These Marine Protected Areas are largely navigation zones that are frequently used by boaters. Yachting is above all a popular family activity and the proposed bill will therefore hit some 512,000 French boat users, 90% of whom have a vessel of less than 8 meters. The bill will also hit all European boaters who are used to mooring on our coastline.

This measure is directly comparable to the tax that was introduced in 2006 in Sardinia, and abolished three years later due to the disastrous consequences on number of boats visiting the Sardinian coastline and on the coastal economy.

The proposed bill poses a threat to the attractiveness of the French coast itself at a time when both Italy and Spain are making tax incentives to attract foreign boat users to their shores.

The French Riviera CCI has decided to take action to influence the upcoming debates in the National Assembly and the voting of the bill.

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