Government abandons the anchorage tax

Jul. 2015
Port of Cannes
Port of Golfe-Juan
Port of Nice
Government abandons the anchorage tax

From the moment that the National Parliament adopted the text introducing the anchorage tax, the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce campaigned for its withdrawal, mobilising professionals, companies and local members of parliament.

Yesterday the government finally renounced the introduction of an anchorage tax.

Coming at the start of the summer season, this decision provides a positive outlook for the development of the coastal economy, to which the nautical and pleasure yachting sectors strongly contribute.

The French Riviera Chamber of Commerce thanks all of the 4,100 petition signatories, including you, for having contributed to the debates.

 Reminder of the abandoned project :

In the scope of the draft legislation on the new territorial organisation of the Republic, the government proposed, without any consultation, to impose a tax on all pleasure yachtsmen who anchored in a protected marine area: up to €100 per day for a motor boat up to 5 metres long, €300 for a 15 metre sailing yacht. This new tax would have meant that no pleasure yachtsman would take the (financial) risk of anchoring in these zones.

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