New pleasure boat centre in the port of Cannes: connected and eco-responsible

Jul. 2018
Port of Cannes
New pleasure boat centre in the port of Cannes: connected and eco-responsible

The centre is a service platform located in the heart of the marina. It has the standard toilet facilities but is also connected using technical equipment with an eco-responsible choice of materials.


The centre has showers, toilets, a meeting area and waste sorting, a laundry, storage areas for associations and utility rooms. There is also a still and sparkling self-service water fountain.

Non-stop information

You can watch live weather forecasts on a screen inside the building. Using a touch screen, you can find a host of practical, commercial and events information. Here you can find port activity by-laws, information on the Careening service, the services offered by the port, the Carte privilège offer, direct access to the site portal and an online directory (commercial offers for boaters).



Eco-responsible building


The eco-responsible building was built with sustainable development in mind, to harmonise perfectly with its environment: its location, its orientation and external appearance were specially designed to reduce its visual impact.


Resources are ecologically optimised: hot water production by solar panels, LED lighting, timed showers and taps to limit consumption. The wood-framed building is thermally insulated, and there is a new waste collection point.


A building tuned to its users

An "extra" for the customer: a direct and spontaneous satisfaction survey. Guests can evaluate their stay in the port of Cannes using a touch screen, in a similar way to large retailers or hotels.


Proof that this new centre has been designed for boaters to feel at home.

Florence Lacroix


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