Replacement of the ‘Coastal’ Ticket Offices

Mar. 2017
Port of Cannes
Replacement of the ‘Coastal’ Ticket Offices

The replacement of the 2 ticket offices dedicated to coastal transport is currently underway in the Port of Cannes.


The Old Port of Cannes provides a coastal transport service, serving mainly the Lérins Islands. This port activity is located at the southern end of the Laubeuf Carpark, where the four ticket office are located above the embarkation area. 

As concessionaire, the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the modernisation and beautification of all the Port of Cannes infrastructure.


With the aim of optimising passenger flow and improving the comfort of its employees that the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce has launched an operation to replace its two oldest ticket offices, out of the four on the coastal transport service quay.


In addition to intrinsic spatial and thermal improvements, this project will achieve an architectural harmonisation of all the ticket offices and will increase the available space in the reception area.


The completion of work is planned for the end of March 2017.



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