Winter stay, summer stay, long term stay

If you would you like to spend winter or summer (or both of them!) in one of our ports, send us your request now.

To request a stay for winter or summer or a long term, please fill in the form, in accordance with the information below. You will receive a receipt confirmation by email and / or SMS text message and a reply from the port within the indicated time

  Cannes Golfe-Juan Nice
Vessel size

1) Up to 17.99 metres

2) From 18 to 66.99 metres

Up to 34 metres

1) Up to 17,99 metres

2) From 18 to 49.99 metres


1) 1st June to 1st September

2) 26th June to 1st September

May - September

1) May - September

2) June - September

Replie to client March March March


  Cannes Golfe-Juan Nice
Vessel size

1) From 12 to 13.99 metres

2) From 14 to 17.99 metres

3) From 18 to 134.99 metres*

Up to 33.99 metres

Up to 106.99 metres


1) 21st September to 1st June

2) 21st September to 1st May

3) 09th October to 1st May*

From 6th October to 27th April

From 1st october to 1st May

Berth allocation meeting

Beginning of July

Beginning of July

Beginning of July

Replies sent to clients

End of July 

End of July 

End of July 

*Start dates are subject to change when finalizing the contract based on the location assigned to the vessel (Jetée Albert Edouard, Quai Saint-Pierre ou Quai Laubeuf) and depend on the dates of the planned events.

Vessel size Up to 11,99 metres
Dates 21st September to 6th September
Berth allocation meeting July
Replies sent to clients End July

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