Clean Ports

‘Clean Ports’ (Ports Propres) – What does it mean ?

CLEAN PORTS – CWA 16387 is the first Port Environmental Management Procedure designed for marinas, which can become certified AFAQ AFNOR ‘Clean Port’ under a European agreement.

CWA 16387 certification is based on 17 criteria linked to the establishment of a system of environmental management, as well as an audit plan developed by Afnor Certification.

The decision to certify a port is taken by permanent experts from AFNOR, on the basis of an audit report. Certification is issued for a period of 3 years, with annual maintenance audits.

The ports managed by the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce ports are certified as ‘Clean Ports’

In order to ensure a management system suitable for our ports, which responds to environmental challenges, the French Riviera ports decided to participate in this procedure.

Port  Golfe-Juan

View the "Clean Port" certification

  • Port de Golfe-Juan Environmental Management Plan

Port of Antibes - Vauban

View the "Clean Port" certification

  • Port of Antibes - Vauban Environmental Management Plan since November 2014
  • Port "Pavillon Bleu" since 2004

Port of Antibes - Gallice

View the "Clean Port" certification

Port of Antibes - Gallice Environmental Management Plan

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