Pollution risks at the Port: training for a more effective response

May. 2021
Port of Nice
Pollution risks at the Port: training for a more effective response

On 4 May 2021, a clean-up exercise was conducted at the Port of Nice to train its teams and stakeholders in preparation for a water pollution incident.

Clean-up exercises have been organised at the Port of Nice since 2008. In connection with the ISO 14001 environmental certification gained in that same year, a number of actions are conducted: increasing awareness amongst teams of environmental risks, purchasing clean-up equipment and organising large-scale exercises. These periodically organised exercises aim to prevent a serious water pollution situation.


Reducing water pollution and avoiding an impact on biodiversity

The aim of the exercise? Test the system for conveying alerts and the equipment at the Port of Nice, and identify any areas in need of improvement. The goal was a quicker or more effective response to minimise water pollution and avoid an impact on biodiversity. All teams were involved: port services (Leisure Boating, Technical and Commercial), port subcontractors (Security, Cleaning, Safety) and other roles related to port activities (refuelling station, captains and crews of moored vessels, etc.). Also involved were the fire brigade, decontamination and hazardous waste treatment companies, and even environmental officials observing on behalf of the local authority for Nice.


Simulation of a fuel spill

The scenario for each exercise is a pollution incident. This year, teams wanted to involve the Hyris refuelling station at the Port of Nice, located on Quai Lunel. The scenario was as follows: an accidental fuel spill occurred when a leisure boat was being refilled, with a station operator injured. The relaying of information and chain of response to deploy a boom and provide assistance proved effective.

This training exercise was also a good way to bring teams together and develop relations between all stakeholders.





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