School at the port

Every year, the French Riviera Chamber of Commerce organises open days for school classes at the ports of Cannes, Vauban and Nice.

This gives about 450 pupils from Cannes, 350 pupils from Antibes and 1000 pupils from Nice the opportunity to learn about the history and activities of the ports, in a way that is both educational and fun.

Image l'école au port

This special day is a great hit with the children, who can meet people who work in the port, find out about their jobs, learn about the history of the port, and have fun at the same time.

Several entertaining activities are included in the one-day programme. Each pupil also receives a comic, ‘School at the Port’ and/or a small souvenir.

Image l'école au port 2

The ‘School at the Port’ day is organised around 3 themes:

  • History: exhibition, workshops, show
  • Sustainable development: awareness of the importance of sustainable development, boat visit and explanations of port initiatives
  • Port careers and education: presentation of the port and its careers, opportunity for pupils to meet port professionals



French Riviera Chamber of Commerce – Riviera Ports Authority
Mrs Florence LACROIX