Our ports welcome you to the French Riviera coast for leisure boating.

  • 4 230 berths
  • 1 200 boats with long-term contracts
  • 13 000 boats visiting per year (short & long stay, events)


Each port provides numerous services, such as:

  • Assistance with mooring and casting off
  • Provision of electricity, water, telephone and Wifi
  • Weather reports
  • Fuel
  • Divers
  • Surveillance
  • Waste collection (disposal points, recycling)
  • Waste water pump-out


Take full advantage * :

  •  Feel like doing a trip ?: reserve your electric bike at the port office
  •  Need a change ? : download the discovery programme for your port, developed just for you
  •  Need to go away ? : leave us your keys, thanks to our security service
  •  Some reading : consult the specialised press, which is reserved for you
  •  Packages , bags to be transported : ask for one of the trolleys that are available for you
  •  Looking for a good deal : consult the small advertisements board in the port office for the current good deals
  •  Make life easy : choose a service to deliver shopping to your boat
  •  Join the pleasure sailing community : visit the port library, borrow books which interest you and donate books that you have already read, for other pleasure sailors to enjoy.
  •  Would you like to leave with a souvenir? : the port boutique is waiting for you !

* Subject to availability