Strategy & key facts

The ports are privileged tools for the development of the local area. Reciprocally, their performance depends on their coherence with the ambitions of the area they serve and local stakeholders, in terms of the economy, urban integration, environment and governance.

The ports are engaged in a pro-active policy of sustainable development based on five key priorities: 

  • Envigorate the local economy with a port which is well managed and respectful of the environment
  • Integrate the ports into their urban environment
  • Preserve and enhance the diversity of the architectural, cultural and port heritage
  • Animate the port and surrounding areas
  • Transmit the port culture to young members of the public

This policy is implemented in coherence with :

  • the development policies of local government 
  • regulations
  • the Quality and Environment Management Systems (ISO 9001- ISO 14001)
  • the communications policy

2016 key facts

Riviera Ports key facts

Riviera Ports key facts

See the 2016 Annual Report for more information